Product executive with a strong entrepreneurial bias and a proven track record of driving product/market fit and increasing revenue growth from $1M to over $100M.


I love creating and marketing differentiated products. I have the most fun when I talk to customers to understand their needs and pain points, and then jam with colleagues to create magical experiences.

Currently, I’m at Rinse, the nation’s fastest growing brand in clothing care. I set the company's product strategy and oversee product and the 360 customer experience, playing a major role in the company’s strong growth. 

In addition to strong professional experiences, I believe that attitude is critical. The attitude that I possess and seek in others includes:

- being an owner: I am always ready to do what it takes to get things done and no work is beneath me. 

- curious and eager to learn: I've jumped into many roles without prior knowledge of the industry. My eagerness to dive in and learn quickly have helped me succeed repeatedly.

- being transparent, candid and direct: I care most about the people I work with and as a result prefer environments where constructive feedback is welcome 





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